In a perception of the world around us, emotions play an important role. Moreover, the individual’s world is created based on his/her emotions and he/she reacts based on emotional triggering. When talking about emotions, we have to make difference between emotions and feelings.

You can have emotions without feelings, but you can never have feelings without emotions. Emotions are happening without awareness as instant response to events, while feelings are experiences of being in certain emotional state and are occurring consciously.

Therefore, when you are sitting at home and watching the brand new Coca Cola advertisement during the Christmas time, and it feels warm, tender, lovely, your emotions are triggered. What happens next is the digging into the memory box, when you recall memories of the time with your family, friends and the warmth of your home.

Companies do create advertisements that affect your emotions intentionally. But what is the final goal? It is very simple. They want you to act. In a basic tentative model, an event that triggers emotions, further leads towards feelings and action. When a retailer gets you to this stage, it experiences either success or failure, depending on what kind of emotions it has triggered at the first place. At this stage you either like the product or not. Furthermore, you either want it or not.

To put this story a bit more into practice, we are bringing you few examples from the Balkans, which advocate emotional triggering through different ways within advertisement content. What we would like you to do is to comment this post by saying which emotions have following advertisements triggered. And remember, the emotions are instant, so do not think too much, but rather share the first thing that comes to your mind.

Think- Do not drink and drive is the advertising campaign about responsible alcohol consuming, published in 2012 by Croatian National program for safety in traffic. The final line of the ad says: You still have the chance to save those who might die on the roads. The intense emotions triggered by this campaign are hard to avoid.

In 2013, the Croatian coffee brand released the advertisement for their exclusive edition of the black elixir. It surely evokes all kinds of emotions.

Going even further, during the festive season, Franck has introduced the competition at, where one can leave a dedication to close people with coffee brand mentioned. “Share love” is the message Franck is emphasizing. And we do support it.

It has been proved that advertising which includes small kids and babies has higher chance to be remembered and more appealing to wider audience. We are positive that there is no a single person who would not remember the following adorable advertisement for Molfix diapers.

For those more interested in sports and triggered by rivalry…

And the appropriate response from the other side…

There should be something sweet at the end of each journey. When good actors are recalling tradition in humorous way, a memorable advertising is born. Recall your own emotions (or craving) and memories by watching:

Whether we are aware of them or not, emotions do influence the image we create about the world we are living in. Advertisers wisely use this human beings’ weakness to pull the trigger. Are they successful? We will leave this question to be answered by you…