“Let’s get connected” is what Dubioza Kolektiv shouting out loud in their new single under the name “Free mp3”. Famous Bosnian- Herzegovinian band is known to BalkanMarketingStories.com readers (and many more) by exporting strong national identity. To refresh your memory, check it out here.  No matter how remarkable they come out to public, with every new release they keep on surprising us (positively, if you ask me). This time, they set the new standards. Again.

Dubioza Kolektiv

Right from the Happy Machine comes their new master piece. They dedicated the new song to arrested founders of Pirate Bay website and they are penetrating the market with quite aggressive digital communication strategy. The song is all about privacy, authorship rights, downloading music for free, information sharing, etc. It is pretty obvious that by singing in English language they are aiming at global music scene. Moreover, the video is showing other worldwide known celebrities in non-conventional way (call it satiric). So we might expect that hashtags such as #MileyCyrus, #KimKardashian, #Obama, #JamieOliver or #GangamStyle  could lead to #DubiozaKolektiv. Pretty smart, isn’t it? Good job, guys.

We are very aware that using the power of social media and internet is very much important for global brands. Dubioza Kolektiv can only get thumbs up and hat down from M-Factor crew by this wise move. And for the end, we do need to share the video that created so much buzz in the Balkans lately.

A ‘thank you’ for information resource to bhmagazin and Dubioza Kolektiv.

We are looking forward to see what else is cooking in their Happy Machine.

Stay connected.