It was not that while ago when globally recognized advertising agency McCann (to be more specific – its Serbian branch) came up with an extraordinary viral marketing campaign representing Yugoslav Drama Theater. Literally campaign’s name translation goes like this: “Drama in Taxi” and its main aim was to promote the Theater and its plays and performances. Digging deeper into the background of the campaign itself we came up with yet another very important aim: to catch public attention and address the overall widely spread unfortunate trend of neglecting cultural institutions and their purpose of existence.

This campaign seems to be logical continuation, from the layman’s perspective, of the previous very successful example where Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra went aggressive in attracting public attention.

The whole story is taking place on the streets of Belgrade, where three YDT’s actors are pretending to be a cab drivers. While getting their customers onto specific location they start to deliver mysterious stories with personal touch and emotive blast. At the end it turns out that those stories are small fractions of well-known plays like Othello, Crime and Punishment etc. For all the customers the ride was free of charge and they got respective number of tickets for YDT – performed plays.

However, I do not find myself competent enough to transmit all the details decently hereby, so I strongly believe it would make more sense to have a look on the following videos and draw your very own conclusion, if you did not so far:

However, youtube stats are just confirming the overall impressive success of campaign. In first 48 hours after the roll-out amazing 800000 views have been registered. Moreover, news about this extra creative campaign went viral regionally and globally in practically no time. Almost every regional media covered the campaign with its side of story admitting and admiring the uniqueness and creativity of the production team. It went that far, that even Thailand based marketing platform, Marketingoops, paid significant attention to the story delivering its own opinion about the case.

Videos are fully owned by McCann and Yugoslav Drama Theater.

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