Ten years ago one would consider today’s story as a distorted hard-core science-fiction piece of non-sense spreading of misinformation. If you have had added, on top of that, that this would actually be happening in Serbia considering online and offline marketing, fully developed by two Serbian companies, facepalm reaction would translate into to reaction aka shocked disbelief emoticon. This is probably the best deployment of offline and online marketing in Serbia that I am aware of. Namely, Novi Sad based digital agency Homepage and its Belgrade counterpart multiVISION combining their expertise and resources in marketing and advertising came up with stunning and catchy concept so-called Social Media DOOH (Digital Out Of Home).

homepage logo


First of all, Digital Out of Home or DOOH refers to digital media used for marketing purposes outside of the home. This excludes TV advertising and radio advertising, but includes digital signage.

On approximately 20 locations in Belgrade, using led billboards, Homepage is going to run campaigns for their clients. The core of the idea is that portion of Twitter’s and Instagram’s content (following specific hashtag) in relation with exact client will be presented using led billboards – bonding unconnected so far. That stake of content would be pulled out of the database which is thereby created and further utilised.


Every post would contain few words, picture, nick name of the posting individual and respective social network’s logo.

This is one new possibility to distribute your digital content using “offline” advertising tool. Not to mention, brand new in Serbian and regional markets.

Until we get fresh videos from Belgrade streets by someone of you guys, here is remarkably British Airways super-complex campaign performed in fairly the same manner. I was speechless. Enjoy.

As this comes as a complete novelty on advertising horizon we will give our best to keep you updated on any news coming from both Homepage’s and multiVISION’s kitchen.

Marketingly yours,

M – Factor Crew