According to Business Dictionary, direct mail is a “direct marketing method in which carefully targeted prospects (chosen on the basis of age, income, location, profession, buying pattern, etc.) are presented with custom tailored offers for goods or services via ordinary mail or email.”

This is probably the most accurate way to reach your target niche. Companies know where and what to send. They are aware of their stakeholders in advance and very often have enough information to customize the message they would like to send. Sounds like the advantage? Indeed it is.

However, there are always ones that are slightly better than others. Those market players are known for their creativity, simplicity and ease of making the influence. One of those starts surely is a well- known Swedish brand IKEA.

Direct marketing

With the help of an extraordinary creative agency I to nije sve! they have created an invitation for the media and a letter to community just before opening the first IKEA store in Croatia.

The design of the invitation itself was original, authentic and representative. In order not to spoil the idea for those who have not seen it before, M-Factor will just congratulate to IKEA and I to nije sve! creative agency for this tremendous work. Until we get more out of this creative factory, we will let you enjoy aforementioned splendid works.

Direct marketing in its full shine…

Invitation to the media:

IKEA sneak peak invitation:

Letter to community project…!portfolio-item/ikea-slozimir/

…and the video within the article:

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

All rights reserved by I to nije sve! and IKEA Croatia.