It is rather very sad fact that great amount of companies and individuals does not consider digital marketing as a “must” in 21st century. This primarily having in mind context of hilly and somewhat conservative Balkan.

Although certain moves are visible in both industry and academia there is much more space for further developments than marketing

Recently, I was writing on very pleasant news from academia where one of the very first digital marketing book came up.  That is for sure encouraging, but still both academia and marketing industry are well behind of those of developed countries. This is why I find sharing of content in relation with digital marketing is a “must to do” so we could as a region finally catch up.

Namely, Zagreb based digital agency Akcija d.o.o. created very simple and user-friendly e-books that are supposed to give public basic knowledge of concepts and tools in digital.

Hereby I felt free to share them and by doing that contribute  a bit in setting the foundations to modern marketing approaches in Balkans. They created five e-books which are covering topics like: Essentials of Digital Marketing, Facebook Advertising in Tourism, Facebook Advertising in Health Industry, Content Marketing etc.

For more details I do strongly recommend to you to go on their web-page and have a look yourselves. Furthermore, from the drop down-menu (e-books) you can select from given 5 choices and there you go. Sit back and take your time while reading.

digital marketing

Please feel free to share and spread the word. Hopefully with help of synergy we are going to achieve tangible results. I promise I will keep an eye on free of charge content and share it hereby.

More detailed info about Akcija d.o.o. on their official online place.