OK, it might be slightly on a short notice but it is definitely worth mentioning and spreading positive vibe about it(for several reasons). Exactly on 20th of October (tomorrow) Digital Marketing Conference is about to take place for a very first time in Albanian capital. This, one day, event is being fully organized and supported by allweb.mk.

Lately I got used to demanding habit of deep screening and analyzing topics I am about to cover in my articles here. This was primarily with my intention to deliver some tangible outcome to the readers (in form of conclusions, advises, analyzes, constructive critique etc.). Must admit that I am getting staggering feedback from you guys. Some of the interesting readings: Rebranding Fully in Line With 21st Century, Email Marketing in Service of Selling Ajvar, Branding Chances Neglected – Mostar 450 Year Long Old Bridge Diving etc.

Digital Marketing Conference

As the title of today’s article already indicates, I am about to present an outstanding event that is cruelly approaching – Digital Marketing Conference.

What is exactly Digital Marketing Conference and Why I dedicate Full Article Presenting it?

Several reasons made me to dedicate my today’s article presenting this event. Some of them are straight forward but some of them are being hidden behind my academic and professional paths. Please, bear in mind that this article is not native advertising or any kind of benefits are to be expected whatsoever in return. These are completely my opinions based on my beliefs and attitudes.

So, let’s roll.

  1. This event is going to take place for the very first time in one of the most underdeveloped countries in Europe – Albania, in one of the most undeveloped regions in – Balkan. A little support from all of us is very much needed in order for this event to become regular and mature.
  2. Personally, I am very much interested in developing and spreading concept of digital and digital marketing in Balkans (so far I dedicated huge portion in academia). As a proof, these are some readings I recommend to you: Internet Marketing – Did it find its place in Academia in Montenegro?, Internet Marketing – Do Serbian Universities Consider it at all? etc.
  3. Bringing digital marketing gurus like Dave Birss,  Mike Butcher, Erik Meijer, Vladimir Vulic, Nina Angelovska etc. to the event prove to us serious intentions of the organizers. Do I have to mention how beneficial this is going to be for Albanian academia, startups, entrepreneurs etc.? Do I have to mention how much this region needs this kind of knowledge sharing events? Successful practices?
  4. Allweb already stands behind very successful conferences of this type in Skopje, Macedonia. This attach a dose of credibility and seriousness to Digital Marketing Conference in form of a momentum we need to amplify. I am giving my modest contribution to the overall appeal. What about you?

What Can You Expect to See, Hear & Experience?

As already mentioned, organizers of Digital Marketing Conference managed to compose a remarkable list of speakers and guests. Anyone who is even a little bit obsessed with marketing is well aware of those names and their influence on a regional and global scale. However as per the headline on official website, I believe no one could say it better than this:

AllWeb is new, one of it’s kind, business event in Albania, designed to provide quality content, great speakers, useful case studies and selfless knowledge sharing.

Bonus video from last year’s edition of this conference in Skopje. Dragan Varagic at full throttle.

Although, its fairly late for getting a ticket for tomorrow’s Digital Marketing Conference, registration fee’s list is more than affordable and looks very decent from the standpoint of the locals. For full reference  and prices please click here.

Digital Marketing Conference Tirana

For sure we will keep an eye what is going to happen tomorrow in Tirana. Please visit us throughout the week for a follow up story.

Stay tuned,
BalkanMarketingStories Crew