Did you ever hear of Bill Belichick or Pete Carroll? Yeap, that is what I thought. Now, a million dollar question: What these two NFL coaches have to do with Croatia and their commercials at all? Namely, a lot. Their ancestors came from different part of Croatia a while ago. To cut the long story short, now they were head coaches of two Super Bowl participants – Seatle Seehawks and New England Patriots. And their names are hidden under the story about battle of Croatia. In context of this blog, we are researching on real time marketing behind. Let’s roll.

Real Time Marketing croatia

Source: Reuters / Bill Belichick & Pete Carroll

Considering their roots, primarily US media nicknamed this Super Bowl with #BattleofCroatia. Are you getting to the point now? Voluminous opportunity to use.

Furthermore,  Croatian National Tourist Board acted accordingly in magnificent real-time manner – I really admire the creativity and instant reaction of the person in charge. This is real-time marketing according to its definition. Literally.

Real Time Marketing croatia

The winning coach headed to Croatian vacation this year. Strong additional motive worth spreading around and stressing out.

Do I have to mention the virility and attention that this one single post created? The importance of digital media and social media marketing itself nowadays whilst tackling real time marketing? This is perfect school-example of real time marketing, how things should work out and that even the smallest opportunities could be exploited in an appropriate and value adding manner.

Even the famous Forbes jumped in with an interesting article, Who Cares Who’s Going to Disney World? The Winning Coach of Super Bowl 2015 Is Headed To Croatia, elaborating the story itself and going a bit deeper into country’s tercial sector features over the years.

However, The Croatian National Tourist Board engaged into the story even more. It is not only the winning coach who is heading to Croatia: it has announced a Super Bowl selfie contest on Twitter. Hereby inviting fans to tweet a selfie during the game and tag it #Croatia #SuperBowlCroatia for a chance to win a trip to Rovinj.

Conclusion on Real Time Marketing in Croatia

All in all, Croatia and its institutions could not create more effective, more inexpensive and cheaper commercial at the same time – ever. Considering the fact that Super Bowl is far the most viewed event in USA (over 112 million spectators) and that cost of 30 seconds commercials sky rockets to more than five millions US dollars – I feel free to conclude that social media marketer did a great and stunningly effective job.

Hopefully, others across the region are going to learn something from stories like this one and dedicate more attention to real time marketing. We shall strive to come up with more stories of this kind.

Stay tuned for more analysis.

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