Before you continue reading further, think about what creativity means for you? As a marketing junkie, I must say that it certainly is a key for being noticed. Zagreb-based creative agency Señor knows the magic and once again they nailed it. Their recent project stood out from the crowd of boring and ever the same advertisement in the pharmacy industry.

We wrote before about Señor and we have been following their work since the packaging for Slavonian wine, through the Redpak award for the best wine package and finally their projects, such as Umjetnost FeedbackaYes, we are their loyal fans, we admit it. Nevertheless, we do have a good reason. The uniqueness of their ideas and the extraordinary delivery are simply contagious. They kept their reputation with their new piece of work, this time for the remedy product. The title might have the guerilla elements- Don’t torture yourself

In the time of remedy advertisements that have the very same scenery of a person with grumpy facial expression while holding the painful spot or the animated human face with pulsing critical areas, Señor’s new campaign for Mylan’s Brufen Effects is a real refreshment. They do show the pain, but in a very unusual (and a little bit brutal) way.


Jurica Ćorluka, Creative Director at Señor said: People do know very well when they have pains and what is the feeling, so this campaign’s aim is not to teach them about it. We found the solution in the real insight from a consumer’s life: I do not need to torture myself and suffer pains when I have an effective solution right in front of me. 

I guess you are already tempted to see the videos, so here they are. And no, you are not watching that Game of Thrones episode again.

The result of the cooperation between an important player in Croatian pharmacy market and the well-known creative factory (and multiple awards winner!) Señor caught attention by Mylan’s subsidiaries in other markets. Therefore, this campaign will soon be screaming from TVs all around Europe. Great job, Señor!

A thank you goes to Vanja for screaming some good news from Señor. We are looking forward to your future brilliant ideas.

As a final thought, the creativity does take courage, as Henri Matisse said. So… be brave. And do some creative marketing.