The members of Art Directors Club Romania chose the most creative ads in June 2016. The list consisted of McCann Erickson Romania, Graffiti BBDOHeadvertising & Skepsis. Creativity is something to always have in mind when working on the campaign. These guys nailed it!

McCann Erickson Romania for Mastercard created the campaign called Gianluigi Buffon gives a Priceless Surprise to his #1 fan.

The results were more than 90 000 views on Youtube and I bet even more smiling faces. The madness that Mastercard is talking about is equal to Buffon getting a tattoo with the face of his fan. Can it go crazier that that?

Corso launched the campaign „Of Corso ca esti Corso” (Of Courso you are Corso). The campaign was signed by Graffiti BBDO. There were five videos in the campaign, but two of them took the second place on the ADC*RO list.

Pasarile” (The Birds)

Sarpele” (The Snake)

Both of these videos have more than 200 000 views on Youtube and are truly different from any other ice- cream campaign I have seen. I am not sure how creative you can be when producing an ice- cream, but apparently, advertising can do the trick.

The third place is my personal favorite. Head of advertising & Skepsis developed the idea „Colecta de pupici”. Translated, this means “The kissing collection” and it is a piece of work for NN. The campaign was for the health insurance. In Baneasa Shopping City in Bucharest there was an installation for giving kisses. The benefit was for the children from orphanages and the ones close to separating from their families that Hope and Homes for Children take care of. For every kiss donated by the visitors, NN will donate on its turn 1 EUR to the Foundation. The video of how it all looked like can be seen on their Facebook page here.

Creative ads are something that gets the attention, attracts the audience and keeps them interested. A creative ad will not make the customer change the channel. For the lucky ones, the brand is remembered. It is certainly useless to spend amounts of money on campaigns that will have lousy reach. Yes, money investment is important, but advertisers need to remember that the engagement with the target audience falls into 1- 2 minutes and its your only chance. To wrap up, I will quote Jef I. Richards, Professor and Chair of the Department of Advertising + Public Relations at Michigan State University:

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”

Credits for the information go to Business Review.