After a short break in our mini Country Branding series we are back at a full throttle presenting one very bright and successful story. Namely today we are getting more into details regarding Slovenia – the most westernized and developed state among ex-yu countries, so observed as from marketing perspective.

country branding slovenia flag

Slovenian Flag

First of all, I have to admit that the slogan is extraordinary simple and straight forward. Job well done. Do I have to mention how catchy it is and how effectively it delivers the message? One more time, Slovenians proved that they tend to do everything in professional manner and taking care about the smallest details.

According to Slovenian Government Communication Office national brand “I feel Slovenia” is used since 2007th. The original intention with brand creation was to improve Slovenia’s competitiveness in different fields. Moreover, slogan of the I feel Slovenia brand is not a coincidence: Slovenia cannot be presented with a simple image, we are supposed to feel and sense Slovenia – with words, sounds, colours, touch, actions and experience.

In conclusion they stated that: “I feel Slovenia is a brand of emotions which distinguishes Slovenia from other countries”

If more interested in national brand itself, you are free to have a look on e-book “The Brand of Slovenia – Brand Book

Furthermore, official web-site is rather very compact, user-friendly and provides abundance of reliable information. For any information considering your  eventual trip to Slovenia this is the right place to visit.

On the other side, when it comes to social media presence, I was expecting to see more followers on Facebook and Twitter pages for instance. I guess this fact is compensated with high engagement rate on social media and very often “mentions” on Twitter. The amount of user-generated content on Twitter is astonishing. Person who is taking care of social media aspect of promotion for sure is overwhelmed.

In addition, YouTube channel is very well updated with high quility HD content. Our strong recommendation to have a look virtualy what Slovenia does have to offer. Again, for some reason only slightly more than one thousand subsribers.

Without exaggerating we found Slovenian promo campaign among the most effective among regional states. In addition, Slovenia is presented with I Feel sLOVEnia campaign on this years’ EXPO in Milan. More information here.

Compared to, for instance Croatian, Slovenian promo does not tend to be aggressive but rather very well timed, effective and straight forward.

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