In order to make it more comprehensible and transparent I have decided to list up all of my modest articles regarding Country Branding mini-serious. Hereby you would be able to quickly marketingly jump from one country to another, having an overview of the most important promo, marketing and PR activities of the given states.
country branding sum up
So, let us chronologically start with the first one I have covered.

  1. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – also widely accepted only as Macedonia. I am positively surprised how coherent and well-coordinated their whole promo strategy looks like. For more info you are very welcome to have a look branding mac
  2. Officially the youngest one among the others – Montenegro. Tremendous room for improvements and further developments. However, I was astonished of their usage very powerful tool – publicity. Further reference branding mont
  3. The state which cca 80% of its marketing efforts dedicated to promote overall investment friendly environment is Serbia. This in-balance led to the fact that Serbia is recognized as an investment heaven” rather than tourist destination. Full story branding ser
  4. I feel SLOVEnia – amazing slogan with remarkable agency support. To be frank, I was not expecting nothing less from Slovenians. All marketing efforts performed very wisely, timely and very coordinated. Strong promotion of country as a green and sustainable one. The strongest impression definitely Please have a look branding slo
  5. Bosnia and HerzegovinaMy modest opinion is that no comprehensive long-run marketing goal is being set. Therefore all activities seems to be somehow ad-hoc. I might got this wrongly, but from what I saw while researching led me to this conclusion. I would be happy to hear your opinions. For the full article please go branding bos
  6. Mediterranean as it once was – Croatia. The slogan that caught so much public attention. Strong focus on promotion of tourist potential – opposite from what Serbia does. Very vibrant, updated and creative community management. The story which is definition of how to use even minor opportunities – The Best Croatian Commercial Ever. For full story please click branding cro
    In closing, I must express my optimism that you have been enjoying the articles considering marketing side of Ex-Yu states. However, if you have any questions, hints or comments I would gladly hear your thought.Follow us, share us.M – Factor Crew