Unfortunate fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina has been epicenter of the most violent conflict in Europe since WWII translates into very complex efforts to (re)brand the country as a touristic and investor friendly environment. Hereby I am going to bring up some points in regard state’s efforts of country branding itself as a desirable and friendly destination.

country branding zastava

BiH’s Flag

For a complete layman Bosnia and Herzegovina is somewhat invisible, meaning that you can’t easily get to the official National Tourism Board web-page via google. Further implying that first impression is rather not extraordinary positive. If you simple google visit bosnia and herzegovina, you will find only on 7th place official Country’s web-page. It is a fact that more reliable information you can grab from TripAdvisor, LonelyPlanet etc. than from official state touristic channel. Do I have to mention potential distorted image with such a state’s non existing proactivity?

On the other side, it seems a bit more comprehensive state’s intention to promote itself as an investor friendly environment. It channels its all efforts through FIPA agency. The promo campaign is again on the very low quality level generally, comparing it for instance with Macedonian one. How successfully the country is, I am not competent to conclude. But observed from marketing perspective there is big room for improvements and further developments.


When it comes to social media there are few Facebook pages named Visit Bosnia, which might lead to confusion and miscommunication. Official FB page is to be found here. Aforementioned page (although not regularly updated) is a source of incredible and adorable pictures and videos representing country’s nature feature. Regularly updated twitter profile comes after @Visit_Bosnia. When using visitbosnia hashtag you will get to tremendous amount user-generated content which could eventually be very effectively exploited by National Touristic Board (like on Slovenian example). Facebook and Twitter are two main social media used by both FIPA and National Tourism Board agencies.

At the end, I came up accidentally to this rather very useful video by some random guy who used to present Bosnia and Herzegovina in lets say very interesting manner. Enjoy.

All in all, there is a stunningly great potential for improvements and even greater cause to do so. But it seems that all the actions are very stochastic and not coordinated properly. So far, while analysing Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia I have got to the conclusion that Bosnia and Herzegovina is doing least to promote itself. Why? How comes? No comprehensive answer I have got so far.

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