In the light of shady events that took place in Euro qualifiers game between Serbia and Albania recently, tensions and political crisis arose as a direct result of several decades long conflict history. As a matter of fact, situation got that serious that all previously scheduled inter-state meetings had to be postponed in order not to escalate issue even more. This is where controversial marketing gurus seeks their chances?

controversial marketing

Anyway since absolute aim of this blog is not to make people uncomfortable in any aspect we are going to stick to the marketing point of view, as expected and proclaimed.

Prizren based company “Liri ltd” after the unfortunate events took place on the JNA stadium in Belgrade earlier in October, instantly launched eleven seconds long promo jingle for its “Sempre” cookies. You are more than welcome to have a look:

Is it just using the perfect timing and the pure business manner of exploiting the given opportunity? Or is this jingle made with completely another purpose to provoke and inflame? As an ordinary mortals, we are not going to figure that out.

But facts are firmly standing. Firstly that huge majority of us have never heard of “Liri” company and its product so far. Secondly, now when we heard of them, maybe we are going to be more interested in their products, activities, brands etc. Mission accomplished. They succeeded in explosive way.

As Kottler noted once: Publicity is accurately described as free advertising.

Let us take this example, the total costs of producing 11 seconds long promo video is approximately 150 euros (according to the LA based California-based Coastline, which is considered to be quite affordable). This however depends on the crew “quality”, tools deployed etc. On the other side, promo video has been viewed over 200000 times in just two weeks. Not to mention its virility and mouth-to-mouth reference as a “must watch”.

Furthermore, official slogan could be somewhat misleading (Sempre yours, is yours). We firmly believe that every one of us could understand it in its own way.

However, we definitely have to admit that all of us have been witnessing great promo (perfectly timed) marketing activity in order to make Sempre brand more recognizable and accepted on the market.

Other sides of the coin, which considers political intentions, provocations and other categories not relevant to the marketing one, hereby are not going to be elaborated. For those, please refer to daily newspapers portals.

Video credits goes to Bobby Simic.