Maybe today’s title is way to much ambitious and positive in some way.  Maybe it should be more modest, chilled and sticked to the ground.  But I have to admit that I felt speechless and stunningly exited once I have read a news that mts (regional communication operator) launched so-called advertising experiment. Not previously seen nor in Balkans neither in the World – which makes  the company number one in the whole contemporary advertising era.

mts logotip


Available only in Serbian 😐

Namely, Telekom Srbija (which owns mts brand) together with McCann Belgrade ran into completely unexploited and new advertising waters by launching campaign #Pokrivamo Srbiju (#CoveringSerbia).  In its essence, campaign consists of short mts TV commercials which are being recorded, transmitted and played on biggest TV channels in Serbia simultaneously, without any post production or delays. All that backboned by mts’s 4G network which has proved to be extraordinary reliable.

By doing this, Telekom Srbija proved it is one of the cutting edge subject onto Balkan’s and wider advertising and technology horizons, strongly backed up by its agency partner and Periscope application. More importantly from marketing perspective, the audience is fully engaged creating massive user-generated content and further promoting the brand and its newest message.

In total approximately 160 live commercials are going to be recorded in Belgrade, Kopaonik, Niš, Novi Pazar, Novi Sad, Aranđelovac etc and played instantly on RTS, B92, Prva and Pink TV.

Please share with us in the comment section any thoughts that came on your mind regarding this developing.

In closing, I have to express my deepest appreciation and sympathy toward both mts and McCann Beograd for this extraordinary story. I do strongly hope that more examples like this we are going to face in upcoming months.


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