Starting from decades ago psychologists and brain scientists have attempted to unlock the mystery of human mind. The way how brain works is still a puzzle, despite the development of technology and techniques. Consumer neuroscience has gone far with tapping into the brain science, neurology and neuroscience in order to understand consumers. And consumer neuroscience might be the key for successful marketing.

Yet another remarkable example is coming from Valicon and this time we are telling the story about neuro- optimization of advertising (mostly video content) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on the tittle itself, it sounds as if we put some random words just to make it sound fancy. Even though what Valicon has been doing lately can indeed be called fancy (among other attributes), we did not make up anything here. Thanks to our supportive and valuable source, Kemal Koštrebić, Valicon project manager, we got the insight into the latest work by this innovative group of individuals. To get to the point, Valicon has been cooperating with BlackBox in the past 6 months and evaluated more than 360 advertisements using EEG and eye- tracker. In the meantime, this innovation was adopted by 25 companies and 36 brands from Bosnia and Herzegovina and region. Measured ads basis is the important basis for the future understanding of consumers.

The purpose of the whole project was to evaluate the ads and tracking the consumers’ reactions. There are two key indicators that are measured: attention and emotional reaction. The final goal is the contribution to the creation of more effective ads. Those ads will be beneficial for both consumers and companies. Based on both advertising and neuroscience knowledge collected, Valicon has given several advises to their clients:

  • Both visual and audio stimuli should be compatible. Mismatching of the contents can cause negative emotional responses and therefore unsuccessful message delivery.
  • Do not repeat too much. This might be the source of frustration and nobody wants to be frustrated.
  • Keep the message simple. 
  • Pay the attention to music. The power of music is underestimated.
  • If you write, do not write small. Small font seems to be the source of frustration.
  • Narrator has significant role. Do not take it for granted!
  • Be careful with humor or engaging famous individuals. 

It is important to mention that neuro- scientific methods do not completely replace the traditional marketing research methods. Rather they should be used in combination to achieve the optimal and comprehensive overview of consumers. Ismir Omeragić, Valicon CEO claims that bio-metric data are becoming the standard even in the Balkan region. These learned lessons should be applied when designing the new advertisement or launching a campaign. Companies thus can ensure to create the bonding between their brand and consumer.

Good news for companies is that Valicon is organizing regular monthly measuring of newly launched or ads in developing stage. Even better news is that companies can apply to have their ads measured and get more information via email: In case you would like to learn more about this opportunity and apply to measure your add, you may want to follow the LINK.

It is truly inspiring to get to know the examples of neuroscience application in marketing in the Balkans. Therefore, BMS team is certainly excited and looking forward to future projects done in Valicon.

Credits to: Kemal Koštrebić, Project Manager at Valicon