After a while not writing about conferences and events that are taking place in Balkans, today I am coming out with an interesting and useful gathering that is going to take place soon. Interactive conference – IntegracIAA.

Namely it comes with a rather strange but catchy name IntegracIAA which is organized for third consecutive year in a raw in Belgrade. This year is its 2015 edition following two years of extraordinary success of the event. The gathering is organised by Serbian branch of Young Professionals. The event is going to be dedicated to some of the following areas  advertising, marketing, data protection, communication etc.


Call to action

Some of the lecturers are: Aleksandar Poznanić (Jaffa), Vitomir Jevremović (Digital Mind), Đorđe Krivokapić (Share fondacija) etc.

The conference venue is KC GRAD on the 28th of March. Target participants are supposed to be young professionals and students coming from the aforementioned areas. What is important that there is absolutely no participation fee, only “paper work” to be done is to register yourself here so the organizers might have an idea about expected number of participants.

Image is property of IntegracIAA 2015.