Frankly to say, I was shocked when I realised that famous football player Lionel Messi has been introduced earlier this year within the advertisement’s efforts performed by Serbian based manufacturer, Marbo product d.o.o.. The video spreaded across the region in practically no time, like a flash. There was literally no media that has not been reporting about this one. It became so viral that almost every conversation consisted of overused phrase at those days: Have you seen Messi acting in Chipsy’s commercial?

It was so pleasant for eyes to see that some Balkan company introduced someone so famous at a time in its advertisement’s agenda. By doing this Marbo product stood next to Turkish Airlines, Gillette, Samsung etc. which previously employed Messi in their commercials. It rather goes without saying that any comparison between Marbo product and aforementioned financial giants does not make any sense. This is the fact that bring even more fame to the famous food producer.

As always there is some catch not obvious at first sight that we would have to dig for. That catch is that Marbo product d.o.o. has been purchased by American food manufacturer giant PepsiCo back in 2008. As part of such a global tremendous club Marbo is simply using benefits of synergy effects, since Messi has been deployed several times by PepsiCo in previous years. One commercial particularly important and significant for our case is the following one:

As every of us noted, the similarities go up to perfection. Certain accusation arose that Chipsy’s commercial version is fake and not existent at all. However, the fact is that even the PepsiCo reacted on this accusation neglecting any kind of fraud and bringing up the fact that Lionel Messi has been introduced in their global marketing efforts to raise the brand awareness at certain regions for specific products. As such Chipsy has been picked as one where Messi is going to “assist”.

One way or another, it is now sure that this commercial brought a bit of novelty and exclusivity into the region’s marketing circles. We are going to look for more of this kind shiny examples and dig deeper in order to bring them to the surface.