Coca Cola entered Yugoslavia through Bulgaria in 1965. Decades ago is a long time. The honor (or maybe not?) to fill Coca Cola in Yugoslavia was assigned to Slovenian “Slovin” and the factories were open in Zagreb and Belgrade. During the transition from 70’s to 80’s, Yugoslavs drank 5 liters of Coca Cola per year.

Interesting to mention for marketing experts is that Coca Cola did not engage domestic advertisers to create campaigns, but rather adjust the global campaign to domestic market. One of those examples was the campaign from 1963 under the tittle ‘Things go better with Coke’ which translated for Yugoslavian community sounded like:  ‘Zabava je ugodnija s Coca Colom’.

Coca Cola yugoslavia

Later on, Coke appeared in Yugoslavian movies and inevitable- during famous sport events. Among everything else, Sarajevo Winter Olympics in 1984 and Univerzijada Zagreb in 1987 were the perfect ground for product placement. For instance, Coca Cola invested 3.5 million dollars in Sarajevo Olympic games for an exclusive right to sell products during the whole event.

Coca Cola can sarajevo yugoslavia

The connection between Coca Cola and Yugoslavia has its own specialties, but we cannot deny that the placement of this big brand has never been questioned.

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