By A.Krajina
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We do hope that you are snuggled up at your sofa with hot beverage, trying to survive the 1st of the next 365 days and putting the puzzles together from the so called “the craziest night of the year”. That means the last night was a good one.

Conspired in adding some oldies to your 1st of January, we hope that 365 days from now, you’ll remember that, among everything else, you have started your year reading M-Factor.

Today’s M-Rewind is bringing you the newspaper ad from the beginning of 20th century. It was created for Sarajevo cinema Imperial to invite the audience for the screening of movie with famous actress Dolores del Rio.

The interesting part of the ad itself is the part saying: “Mladeži zabranjeno”, which translated in English literally means “Forbidden for young population”.  The movie tittle says: “Be careful when I am kissing”.
If you haven’t seen the movie, it is up to your imagination what the plot is about…

Have a lovely 1st of January 2015!