For huge majority of population who does not have to do anything with communication channels, advertising and outbound marketing there is newly presented project/tool/application which is supposed to narrow you the list of possibilities so you can make easier and faster decision. The aim is to find a proper advertising channel in less than 5 minutes. The tool name is MediaSifter, and what is even more important it is completely free of charge. Yes, it sounds too good to be true.


Virtuelna tvornica logo

Namely Croatian based agency for digital marketing, Virtualna tvornica (literally translated “Virtual factory”, have launched this project recently. Upon rollout boost of interesting and constructive comments have been noted on marketing specialized portals and forums across the region since the idea is brand new. The tool itself is only available in Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian at the moment, with expressed intention to introduce English language some time soon if the resources supports such a move. The team that stands behind project said that the application is one of its kind in Croatia and in wider region.

M – Factor team had an opportunity to briefly test the software these days. However we believe that the biggest advantage is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. As stated, you do not have to be advertising guru in order to go through the process, since it is fully automated and user-friendly. One only has to answer the questions (four of them) that pop up gradually and at the very end you are getting the list of media that you could eventually employ and address in order to deliver your message. Furthermore if you select specific media, you are able to ask for an official offer through MediaSifter. The time spent choosing the media is reduced to the minimum, which was original intention by the way.


Step 1: You are supposed to choose media type on the left


Step 2: More features for specific media available



Step 3: You choose specific media



Step 4: You finalize your search by asking for official offer


On the other side we are a bit skeptical about the real usage and engagement of the application in decision-making process especially in the Balkan region where old-school advertising communication is dominating.

Anyway, everyone of you is more than welcomed to try software out on official web site.

All in all it is very positive innovation that might extend our marketing and advertising horizons even wider, further and push the standards even higher making the whole advertising profession not that complicate as it seems now. M – Factor crew wishes project team all the best with the thumbs up.