Seven cities in the region- one story. Sounds amazing, does it not? If you add up the fact that more than 2000 young people are involve directly, and who knows how much indirectly, the result is astonishing. Hat down to School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo for turning a small project into THE big thing. CEO conference is certainly something we all have needed.

After the Belgrade CEO that we talked about recently it is the time for the final event in the city where everything has started- Sarajevo. On 12th of December 2015, in Dom Mladih, Sarajevo, there is a final life changing event and young people from both Sarajevo and the region are looking forward for inspiration, fun, humor, life stories, experiences and networking. The details about the conference, as usual, can be found on their official web page or Facebook page.

The initiative that has been shown by these young people is motivating and inspiring. CEO Conference is one of the proofs that with the willingness it is possible to make a change even in the region which is still developing, as the Balkans is. Moreover, it shows that success stories are not fairy tales and that they do exist, but in reality they mean challenge, not giving up and always looking ahead.

Let the moment change your life.

Stay tuned.