Career and Entrepreneurship Opportunities, also known as CEO has already become a recognizable yearly event that connects young people with vision and successful players in the entrepreneurship field. Certainly, one of the conferences that might take a role of a life changing moment and make a young enthusiast believe that dreams eventually do come true. Stay tuned for CEO overview as follows.

Currently, there is a huge buzz in the Balkans about the CEO. If you have wonder why, the reason is pretty obvious. The big day is coming soon. 12th of December 2015 is marked as the date for the central event in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As it is written on their web page, the mission statement of CEO is as follows:

…to gather young and the most successful individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina and region, who want to share their life and business experiences, their ups and downs, ideas and knowledge in the context of different disciplines: career development, entrepreneurship, technology and motivation.”

Amazing upturn after the third conference in 2014 brought new challenges in 2015. Initial project of School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo developed from the university project to a regional event of the year. The success is self explanatory. In 2015, CEO got a regional character, with the implementation of educational program under the name CEO Academy. Pretty awesome, is it not?

Long story short, this year, School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo will organize (more precisely, is already organizing) the conference in Zagreb, Podgorica, Belgrade and Ljubljani in cooperation with the economics faculties from those cities.

Introduction in conferences was CEO Academy organized in May. Warming up has already started in Mostar and Zenica and ready to kick off in Tuzla and Banja Luka by the end of the month. Later on, the life changing moments are about to happen in the region when they all will be wrapped up in Sarajevo, thus coming back where everything had started.

We cannot say else, but thumbs up for an amazing idea and organization and fingers crossed for all inspiring events yet to come.

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