CEO- the largest event in the region has just finished its trip in the city where everything has begun. M- Factor already announced the life changing moment in Sarajevo’s Dom Mladih venue.  Now, while the emotions, experiences and impressions are cooling off, we cannot stand still and therefore, we are bringing you the fresh news from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More than 750 young people gathered to be a part of the conference everyone has been buzzing about recently in the Balkans. Amazing atmosphere and inspiring talks were more than enough to prove that there are indeed big stories and that dreams do come true. Sarajevo portal published exclusive details about the conference already on Saturday 12th of December, the day of the conference. Speakers who were “in charge” to share their inspiring stories are currently role models in the region, Selma Berisalić (Selma Starfinger), Almir Badnjević (Verlab), Maša Čampara (eMedia Patch), Erol Mujanović (Marathon), Maja Kojundžić (Cuspis), Nihad Softić (School&School), Suhad Ećo (Ećo Company), Maya Sar (musician) and Moamer Kasumović (actor).

Taken from the CEO official Facebook page. #LifeChangingMoments

M-Factor got in touch with one of its readers who also attended CEO conference in Sarajevo. Her impressions are only positive and she enhanced how CEO conference is a remarkable chance for young people not only to find their motivation and inspiration, but also to extend their network and meet great personalities. She shared some photos with us as well.  Thank you, Selma Ljuca.

We can only congratulate CEO team and CEO speakers for the amazing flow of events, stories, persistence and showing to the young people that impediments and limitations exist only in our minds.

#LifeChangingMoments #CEOsarajevo