M- Factor crew has already introduced the life changing moments that lately got the new synonym- CEO conference. To refresh your memory, check out the previous article here. The weekend behind us was filled with the buzz coming from the capital of Serbia- Belgrade. On 28th of November, exactly at 10 am, the CEO Belgrade took off. The venue: Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. And the rumors say it was remarkable.

Sneak peak into the last year CEO Belgrade

Only one day passed, but we managed to get the first impressions wrapped up in the video… Because picture says more than a thousand words.

Some of the messages are definitely worth remembering and they inspired us as well.

The money is the least important thing, the contacts you get are priceless. – Istok Pavlović

 The career is not a 100 meter race, it’s a marathon. – Igor Lončarević

I believe in a team. Because the good team always wins. – Mila Litvinjenko

Don’t be afraid of the price you need to pay on your way to success. – Ivan Ivanović 

When you love what you do, you do not perceive it as a job. – Zoja Kukić

You are the most important company that you will work in. – Vladimir Miletić

Do first what you are most afraid of./ There is no failure, there is only learning. – Tatjana Vojtehovski

We hope you do have your inspiration for success, but in case you will need a reminder, stay tuned and follow CEO either via M- Factor or some of their official sites.

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