Without any doubts, the most captivating characteristic of a product is its brand image. Talking about brands theoretically would be completely useless without valid examples, experiences and real life stories. Therefore, we would like to drag your attention to this years Branding Conference organized in Sarajevo, the capital of a hilly Balkan country.

Branding conference logo

This Branding Conference is the 5th in a row and as it has been tradition for years already, it brings marketing experts, media, branding enthusiasts and gurus to one place in order to share there knowledge with the audience. The outcome of those fruitful discussions is easy to predict: outstanding energy, inspiring ideas, creativity and networking. The final goal is wrapped up in simple and well known Conference’s slogan: “Think out of the box!” After all, the greatest things have never came from comfort zones.

Branding Conference slogan

Starting from an initial idea of “brandolution”, Branding Conference #5 will tackle variety of topics, including influence of emotions in brand development, digital age challenges in branding, elixir for a great brand, positive stories influence on creating a brand image and many more. If you are interested in taking a step into vertigo of creativity and inspiration, this is a great point to start. More information could be found on their official website.

Brandolution is coming!

*Credits go to Branding Conference 2015.