Already 6th in a row, the Branding Conference in June 2016 will give opportunity for participants to touch base with experts in the areas of branding, marketing communications and media. Everlasting question of creating a valuable brand will definitely be one of the hot topics. Certainly, the inspiring energy, fruitful discussions and amazing experts’ stories will not omit.

Some of you might remember that we had announced the Branding Conference last year as well. To refresh your memory, follow the link. According to many portals and Balkan Marketing Stories’ wrap up, the conference under the tittle Think Out of the Box surpassed expectations. Therefore, this year we are looking for something different, new and at least equally exciting. Now, what was extremely interesting for me (and hopefully some of our readers will agree) is this years’ topic which is labeled with catchy tittle- Mind Your Brand.

Branding conference announcement

Branding conference announcement

Personally, they have already bought me by putting the human mind in the context. The fact that more and more conference in the Balkans take into consideration this aspect of consumer understanding is quite promising. The buzz about disruptive innovative ways of measuring success, evaluate consumer behavior or creating a brand has evolved in the past couple of years. Therefore, the Balkans is becoming a prosperous ground for introducing these techniques. Of course, the first that comes to my mind is neuromarketing. To make the whole story even more appealing, one of the main speaker at the 6th Branding Conference is neuromarketing certified instructor, Thomas Trautmann from SalesBrain.

What has remained is to remind you that the deadline for the conference registration is beginning of May and all necessary information you may want to check on the official website of the conference. Or if you are social network geek, follow them on Facebook page.

I am saving the date. Cause after all, we all need some inspiration from time to time.

Have a good day!
BMS team