When it is not possible to create an innovative new product, effective brand activation can certainly do the trick. And what does it actually mean? Simple. It’s an action for creating an ardent connection between your brand and customers that motivates them to take desired actions. It can come in many forms and it is a way to inspire customers to act.

Note for the future- activate your brand.

We already wrote about Pokemon Go fever in the Balkans, but this time, the story is a bit different. On July 19th, there was a brand activation event in McDonald’s in Bucharest.

The restaurant chain McDonald’s Romania alongside Tribal Worldwide Romania and OMD agencies brought the Pokémon Go characters in its restaurants from the Victory and Union Square in Bucharest. Pokemon Go Romania is already a community that accepted the McDonald’s challenge and informed fans about the Pokemon presence. McDonald’s is one of the first brands in Romania that activates the Pokémon Go platform. Andreea Blejan, digital manager at McDonald’s Romania said:

“We are always looking, with our agency, the favorable contexts for experiences that only McDonald’s can create in order to get closer to its consumers, and now…we are searching together for pokemons. Poke Treasure Hunt is one of those relevant moments, a moment in which the brand comes a lot closer to its target.”

Catalina Ciorei, digital strategy and new business director at Tribal Worldwide Romania was intrigued by the idea:

“We have been intrigued by the game since we first saw it. When it was launched, we searched for pokemons in the office and we found an idea. We figured out that the McDonald’s target is probably doing the same thing as us: playing Pokémon Go. Therefore, we decided to meet their needs and activate lure modules in two of McDonald’s restaurants in Bucharest, in a pilot episode.”

So, what happened? 

Brand Activation

The players were invited to enter the Poke Treasure Hunt in order to discover as many pokemons as possible. This all happened in the McDonald’s restaurant on July 19th 2016. The feedback from the consumers was more than positive.

Carmen Privache, group director at OMD Romania commented:

“The feedback from the consumers is encouraging us to continue in this direction and to explore even more the potential of this type of activation.”

Being up-to-date and enforcing the engagement needs to be done constantly. Yes, you can have a superb product, but it does not mean you can sit and wait for the magic to happen. One way to keep customers attached is the brand activation. If you want to learn more about it, I suggest reading an interesting article I have come across. Just follow the link.

Congrats to the Bucharest crew for a trendy idea. Business Review inspired us again for this article and the credits for the information go to them.

Stay tuned and do some effective brand activation.