Hot topic, for hot summer days. This time, Balkan Marketing Stories has traveled all the way to Istria region, to the picturesque city Porec. Our supporters from design Studio Sonda, whose work we had presented before, shared a lovely story wrapped up in the unique covers. If you have thought that book marketing is something you have never heard about before, this is the chance to read some lines about it.

In the line of fire: the history of firefighting in Porec, is a monograph that through its 254 pages brings a section of chronological history about voluntary and professional fire service in the Porec territory, from the 19th century to the present day, as well as a list of all firefighters being part of it. It is a pioneering work in the field of the history of fire service in Porec and in Istria region, since the topic has been completely unexplored in the Istrian historiography. The cover is made of handprints of all the employees and workers who were employed during the creation of the book by the Public Fire Department – Center for Fire Protection in Porec.

This unique cover design speaks more than words and it is certainly an innovating way to promote the book. As the package design is the first contact with the product, thus the book covers design is the first contact with the book. Covers are stop signs and they have the purpose to reveal as much about the book as possible. The present cover sends the strong message about the purpose, intention and the final aim of the book itself. It is made by people and for the people. Generally speaking, there are several important aspects of the cover design that directly influence marketing and selling of the book. Believe it or not, the book content is not something that triggers the human brain when it comes to the first contact with the book. Our brains are wired to process images faster than words. Therefore, the visual appearance makes us feel something. A great cover design can help a potential reader recognize that this is what s/he must have.

Emotional connection is crucial and it refers to the contrast, scene, feeling and mostly adding a human dash in the whole story. Therefore, handprints of the people who were involved in creating a book gives a perfect personal touch, which is both deeply empathetic and unique. In addition to this, it is believed that people often sell covers. Covers have the purpose to invite people for the second glance in the book. Second glance might lead to the third one and eventually the purchase of the product. To rise to the top, to gain traction with readers, even the best book needs a dynamic cover. Well designed and extraordinary cover may also attract the attention of retail merchandising managers, which can transform into a boon for sales. Finally, the book covers contribute to the book brand.

Smashwords founder Mark Coker says: “A poor cover creates unnecessary friction that prevents a reader from clicking to sample or purchase a book. Great covers eliminate friction.” Seems like we were wrong all this time, readers indeed judge books by their covers.

Thumbs up for Studio Sonda and another outstanding design idea. And sincere gratitude for sharing their work with Balkan Marketing Stories.