Today – one more very emotionally safety campaign – promoting safe driving. This time, it seems, that extraordinary effort has been made in order to attract as much attention as it is possible. Let us remind you of very viral campaign “Park your phone while driving” – launched by Telekom Srbija and McCann Belgrade.

safety campaign M-Factor biramzivot

Milica Jokić

Milica Jokić, one of the survivor of the severe car crash last November when three young persons died, recorded very emotional video directly promoting the campaign and delivering the touching awarness message.

For the purpose of proper communication of the massage to audience, Belgrade based agency SVA has been deployed by Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. Furthemore, appropriate hashtag has been introduced – #biramživot. The raise of awarness campaign is going to be continued in “hiden-camera” manner. strongly supports the campaign and will gladly keep you updated.

Videos are property of SVA.