Author: Nikola Kožuljević

Why defining a Buyer Persona is important: BH Telecom & Ultra Tourist case study

Cutting Edge Why defining a Buyer Persona is important BH Telecom & Ultra Tourist case study Nikola Kožuljević, writting cautionary tales from BiH 22. May 2017 One of the great goals of marketing, and every business actually, is to appease the customer – to identify & recognize customers needs and successfully answer them. That identification has been a core process of marketing efforts, willingly or not, since forever. To achieve this businesses and marketers utilized forms of market research, interviews, focus groups, experiments, etc. One of the tactics is a definition of a buyer persona. It is not a complex concept,...

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Curious Leather Crafts – Marketing Success from Creativity & Uniqueness

Cutting Edge Curious Leather Crafts Marketing Success from Creativity & Uniqueness Nikola Kožuljević, spreading good vibes from the Balkans 10. April 2017 In marketing, there is a foundational concept of the marketing mix. This simple concept is defined as a “set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market”(1). Throughout the theory and practices, this set refers to broad distinct elements referred to as 4PS: product, price, promotion, and place.     Marketing Mix Source: Selectdraw Every single of these elements is important on its own. And for every successful marketing strategy,...

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Balkan Marketing Stories Goes AMP!

Here at we tend to stay on top of the modern Digital Marketing concepts, trends (and tools) and capture their utilization on the lovely Balkans. One of those areas are SEO practices and latest developments. Connectedly, for the past days we’ve been working on amplifying the website by incorporating Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology throughout the website. Today, I am personally, happy to announce that just went full AMP and first pages are being indexed as I write this post. This article is BMS’s introduction to the AMP project, its technology, usage and benefits. In the upcoming weeks,...

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