For all of you who declare themselves as a skeptics in regards of making money and running business on internet, I do tend to believe that today’s story is going to bring you closer to the conclusion that such a scenario is indeed very feasible, if good performed. Taking into consideration that huge majority of individuals in Serbia do have unlimited access to internet, internet entrepreneurship is extremely underdeveloped, which is a shocking fact in context of 21st century.

To be more concise and comprehensive, BalkanMarketingStories crew has already reported on the event that is about to take place on the Serbian most prestigious mountain resort – Kopaonik, namely Nova energija conference. Beside many topics to be covered, internet entrepreneurship and how to brand yourself as a reliable part is of significant importance for us. However sadly fact that majority of us simply do not fully comfortable with internet as place good enough to develop our business, imposes fact that further steps are necessary to be performed. Sophisticated and creative steps indeed with full state support and assistance.


#pitajters nova energija


Intro video to the conference itself by Zoran Torbica:

In this case following step is sort of follow-up to the Nova energija conference. Educative program which is to be launched exclusively on 2nd of May should help all of us who consider themselves as an e-business beginners. The event’s symbolic name is “”. Aforementioned address is a hub where interested individuals could find out more about the event itself. Official hashtag is #pitajters

#pitajters pitajters-ilustracija ilustracija

Furthermore, topics to be discussed are very helpful and should enhance internet entrepreneurship in the beginning. Some of the “how to” questions that are to be stressed out particularly are: How to start your own e-business? How to create appropriate content online? How to brand yourself online? How to advertise online? etc. So far no such an event took place in Serbia free of charge.

On the other side we have esteemed professionals (some of them mentioned here) who are going to answer all your potential questions in the time period from 3pm up until 7pm, on the 2nd of May. Full list of participating lecturers and professionals could be found here. For all those of us who are not happy enough to be on the spot at the exact time, there are two ways to engage and ask. First possibility is to ask using appropriate twitter hashtag (#pitajters). On the other side, question may be posted directly on the event official web page. For the most creative questions and most active participants RNISD prepared symbolic prices.

Worth mentioning is the organiser of the event which is Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) which is encouraging fact since it shows us the state’s intention to develop this strategic sector.