Another piece of art, designed by Studio Sonda left us speechless earlier this month. A perfect way to add the flavor to the area branding of one of the most beautiful parts of Croatian cost- Istria.

Before I go all into the visual identity and artistic value that this exhibition has given, I would like you to take the step back and see this project from the marketing perspective. Or more precisely, area branding perspective. Experts say that countries can usefully be understood as the sum of their identity and reputation. Regional branding and inter-regional place brand initiatives are becoming increasingly popular. FutureBrand, a global brand consultancy, constructs its annual Country Brand Index (CBI) and lists top country brands. Latest research insights, best practice examples, and advice on how to develop a place brand strategy can be found on this website.

In case you are still not convinced that country branding has many perspectives, perhaps Canadians will prove you wrong.

If you scroll over our Inspiration Box section and hit the Country Branding column, you will find a bunch of interesting examples that we have collected so far. From the Wild Beauty, Metamorphosis, Timelessness then all the way to Adrenaline Boost, Seven Kingdoms, Love and Kissing, each of our story had the same purpose- to show how marketing can influence creating a brand from a country name. If you think about it, all of them had something in common- the cultural perspective. In addition, each movement required the dash of art.

That brought me to the current example, where the culture and art had come together, carefully packed in the exhibition that represented one aspect of life in beautiful Istria. And you may not see its promotional or branding aspect immediately, but it does contribute to the Istrian identity. Now, tell me, isn’t it branding per se?

The exhibition ‘Solitude – Life of villages in Istria with up to three inhabitants’, is curated by Ivona Orlic and hosted at the Ethnographic Museum of Istria in Pazin until March 2017.

Exhibition interprets solitude through a modern construct – through photographs of the village, objects found or donated by the inhabitants themselves as a testimony of their lonely or solitary life. The exhibition, however, does not represent them spontaneously to the visitor. The visitors enter one by one into the exhibition room, whose layout seeks to annihilate completely space itself, with the result to literally become an experience of solitude. The barely noticeable exhibits induce the visitor to a search which sometimes results in emptiness, in the same way as the exhibition author’s attempt to find traces of life in the former villages or the exhibition layout designers’ attempt to find these locations on the map of Istria.

This exhibition makes the visitor and the observer actually experience and becomes aware of solitude – the Istrian one, but the personal one as well.

The visual identity and the layout design of the exhibition were created by Studio Sonda, while its technical realization was accomplished in cooperation with Dragan Dimovski. Yes, Studio Sonda are those guys who also created that winning packaging for Agrocal powder, AND nailed the book cover design.

Studio Sonda

Studio Sonda

Amazing story, amazing place and yet another amazing design masterpiece by Studio Sonda. Sounds like a recipe for a place branding.

Stay creative,

BMS crew