Recently, we have been witnessing an outstanding social campaign triggered by Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozorište (Yugoslav Drama Theater). The campaign itself is nothing particularly complex to execute, but the idea and moreover The Message it brings is simply outstanding – I am free to conclude.

social campaign

We know already that Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozorište knows how to initiate amazing buzz, not only regionally. Not only online. The ultimate hit was the taxi drama campaign. The campaign that made it in top final of New York Advertising Festival last year. Campaign itself has been delivered and creatively supported by McCann Belgrade.

social campaign

This time we saw another social campaign, very cleverly delivered. Needless to say, bringing a doze of emotions to the surface by realizing scale of cultural devastation in Serbia. Namely, JDP organized a bus to carry fifty inhabitants of Kriva Reka. Village in central Serbia. The tour has been organized to catered those that has never attended theater play. Moreover, those who never stepped down in Belgrade. Full name of campaign is “Applause for Kriva Reka”.

For inhabitants of Kriva Reka to visit JDP was an extraordinary and surprise experience. Most of them would like to visit theater again, and we saw that only one theater’s experience open doors of future cultural development. Hereby we wanted to emphasize that those plays that are technically more demanding are not possible to be performed everywhere. Serbian villages and counties deserve one strong and long applause for their interest and open mindedness when it come to culture in general – Tamara Vučković Manojlović (Manager at JDP) explains background story for Politika.

For further reference you are very welcome to watch following video which covers the story from A to Z. 🙂

Several important beneficial points are to be extrapolated from brief analysis.

  1. Almost all portals, newspapers, feeding platforms and general public reacted with remarkable sympathy toward this action. Meaning that JDP positioned itself as someone who strongly intends to deliver plays to anyone (even by literally bringing them into theater). This tells us their dedication and passion about what they do. Which further means, they are pure professionals – doing their job on an outstanding level. Not often the case in Balkan – again, more sympathy.
  2. Publicity. As a continuation of the previous point. Literally this offline social campaign turned out to be all and out campaign covering almost everyone in the country and wide (both off and online). This just tells us the creative and strategic background of the whole idea.
  3. This campaign enhances feeling in people that they have special impression when they are visiting theater (in this case JDP). Hereby JDP stands in front of theaters in general. To cut the long story short, JDP intends to put itself as a desirable, and attractive venue. Literally by saying, “Look at how cool I am by visiting  theater/JDP”. This is whole new level of marketing and communication in Serbia. Thumbs up. We will keep an eye on it.
  4. By playing on emotion card, McCann in very sophistical manner incept JDP as an ultimate leader – and more importantly the leader who cares about community and people. Astonishing word of mouth has been triggered. Starting with Taxi drama, than the super promotion whereby tickets have been discounted to unbearable economic level of 100 RSD (equal to 0.8 Euros) and the most recent – “Applause for Kriva Reka” campaign. All of which are launched in sequence of one year in between.

I must admit that with any new campaign performed by JDP, I am really touched both in professional and personal way. Simply this dose of professionalism,passion and desire to spread positivism is very rare to see today (as an diametrically opposite example – Serbian Railways Branding Disaster). Therefore we honestly congratulate well-coordinated team of JDP and McCann Belgrade for being and astonishing example to all of us. Thumbs up. Stories like this exist to push us forward.

Stay tuned for updates.
BalkanMarketingStories Crew