It was not that far ago when an old Belgrade based legacy airline existed, carrying the name of the state which was not existing for a while already. As you are able to conclude easily it was Jat Airways, further successor and legal inheritor of well-known Yugoslav Airlines which was worldwide recognized brand. For those of you not familiar with the story it is important to underline the fact that last year, sharply at 1st of August, AirSerbia has been born as a legal entity following the dismissal of Jat Airways and definite end of aviation era in Balkan, strongly backed up by gulf carrier Etihad.

However, our attention goes to the marketing efforts and practices that followed AirSerbiа’s launching. Hereby we are bringing with an overall overview of how the promo campaigns, videos and generally Company (as same legal entity) looked before and after the Jat Airways dismissal.

Before: Aeroput, JAT, Jat Airways

At its peak JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) was flying for dozen of international destinations, covering almost all continents with its Boeing and DC based fleet. However after the unlucky events took place during the ‘90 Jat Airways was established drastically cutting down destinations and frequencies with the muddy hovering reputation at a time.

Jat Airways has been engaging famous individuals in its commercials to address the message to the public in a funny and relaxed way (e.g. Siniša Mihajlović, Vlade Divac, Zdravko Čolić etc.). The official name of the campaign was: “Only the best ones fly with Jat Airways” Beside these commercials, no other serious pre-planned marketing action has been performed in the wider region. Usually everything was finishing at ad-hoc random TV commercials from time to time.

Here are some of the graphical solutions that have been introduced, following with few commercials.


After: AirSerbia

Beside complete rebrand and livery change, AirSerbia launched aggressive all-field marketing campaigns. Starting with commercials, regular promo actions, attractive prices, regional promo activities etc. up to aggressive social media coverage. AirSerbia is slowly becoming very serious entity with well and highly pre-planned marketing activities. Moreover the official slogan goes as: The New Wings of Europe. Commercials are however translated in more than 10 european languages and composed by top european advertising agencies. Furthermore, on each of the new markets well-known research agencies have been deployed in search for up to date information.

Listed down below you can have a look on official logo and new promo videos.


All in all, the marketing progress respective management is expressing and seriousness of activities performed encourages us all that finally we could experience modern nowadays marketing trends into Balkan context. As a brief overview and in context of previously mentioned aggressive social media coverage it is obvious that for one year of existence AirSerbia gained 160000 “likes”  on Facebook, more than double compared to Croatia Airlines which is main regional competitor, or way more than all other ex-yu carriers combined. The same goes for Twitter profile.

M – Factor crew is going to watch closely for other amazing marketing transformation in the region and pay adequate attention to them.

Pictures and videos are property of their respective owners (JAT, Jat Airways, AirSerbia).