Without any intention to exaggerate or to overstress specific company or event, we (modest M – Factor crew) concluded that in 2014 absolute leader in advertising efforts and overall multichannel campaigns is AirSerbia. For more background info about the Company itself, you could further refer to this link.


AirSerbia, part of Etihad aviation group

However since its branding and re-founding, AirSerbia has deliberately invested considerable amount of resources into its multichannel-all-field campaigns. This way management is trying to shape and stimulate brand development and awareness all over the region and wider Europe. Moreover, M – Factor has already reported onto these developments.

The newest event took place in Belgrade, fully organized by independent Association of Advertising Professionals of Serbia (UEPS) whereby AirSerbia received two awards. At this competition/conference, the Company had made one remarkable successfully year almost over. Both awards came after developing and launching new promo video “AirSerbia – New Wings of Europe”. First prize considers “Best Integrated Campaign – Transport and Tourism” and the second one is so-called “Campaign that promotes Serbian marketing profession abroad”. All in all, these awards could be amazing prize for all the efforts and marketing investments performed by the Company providing further “tailwind” for the future.

Beside this, you could check AirSerbia’s YouTube channel in order to see advertisments in other languages.

Beside this, AirSerbia is prone of using very simple, effective and cheap tool – publicity. Two occasions draw our attention specifically. Both of them connected with arrival of new planes into the fleet.

Literally, management decided to name planes after the living legends of Serbia. The youngest member of the fleet, A319, is honored to be named after world recognized tennis player Novak Djoković. On the other side the biggest aircraft in the fleet, A320, is named after great man, humanitarian and basketball player, Vlade Divac. It goes without saying that almost all regional media passed the news instantly. It got that much attention that even world biggest houses wrote articles about it. If you would ask yourself how much did it cost. Well not much or even nothing, anyway way less than ultra modern video that has been launched recently.

This is however very effective and unique way of combining different channels and tools in order to spread “the word” around the company. In Balkan region itself, the Company is pioneering the whole bulk of new methods and techniques. You just have to follow social media and you would be able to note it instantly. All in all very pleasant and long-run efforts.

M – Factor crew is pleased to keep you updated on any news that comes up from AirSerbia’s kitchen.

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