When you put together ideas by people who share the same interest and admiration towards a certain field, you can bet that an interesting outcome may arise. A couple of years of friendship and (almost) the same educational background are just bonuses that make the execution of those ideas even easier. That was exactly how M-Factor has gone Live.

Two enthusiasts and marketing followers, one originally coming from Niš, Serbia and other from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina met, by accident or not, in Brno, while attending the same master’s degree program at Masaryk University. After two years long blessing by European Council, they both successfully finished their studies with the major in marketing. Currently they are living and working in Brno.

With the strong hope that the attempt to uncover the bright side of marketing in the Balkans’ will result in story-to-tell, authors wish you to enjoy the journey together with them!

You can always reach out to the team at: info at balkanmarketingstories.com